Rubber Restrained And Bagged

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Today we restrain and bag Spanish hottie Nereida in full heavy rubber! We start by dressing Nereida in a full rubber bondage catsuit and putting some ballet heels on her feet. Not able to walk anywhere far, we also restrain her arms behind her back and put a big rubber neck corset in place - time to get used to her situation and postion in our hierachy, at our feet, looking up. Then when our beautiful Spanish seems to get used to her situation, we add a new layer of discomfort and bondage, a bit-gag. When we feel her being warmed up to handle the serieus stuff we let her tiny mouth get used to the item for our final torment, while bagged, a ballgag. This excites our Spanish beauty quite a lote and she shows us her delicious rubber clad body in highly fuckable positions... Playtime is over, we put Nereida on a chair, strap her arms behind her back and tie her legs, spread, to the chair - plastic bag bagging time. We start easy and bag Nereida multiple times, all building up to that finaly bagging, while ballgagged, holding the bag in place with a rope around her neck... Nereida, rubber restrained and bagged, you dont want to miss this!

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