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Ingrid Mouth
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Ingrid is quickly making her rounds here at Kink. We wanted to get our hands on her early, since she claims she loves this shit. She gets paired up with Orlando and The Pope, which means she will get her ass handed to her today. She will feel the full wrath of what makes DB one of the most evil sites on the internet. We start with her kneeling and her tits out. She is blindfolded and put into the device. She instantly gets an array of torment that continues throughout the entire scene. Even during her orgasms, she must deal with both of these sick fucks. Next we find out where her breaking point is. She has proven to be as tough as she claims, so we push, and push. Every person has a button that doesnt need to be pushed hard, but when its pushed brings everything to a halt. We threw everything we had at her and she fucking took it, so she will now get rewarded for it, with her pussy and ass getting fucked and then made to not orgasms for over ten minutes. Our final scene has Ingrid perched atop the sybian, and chained to the wall. Her body is exhausted, and her mind is following closely behind. She gives every ounce of what she has left, and in the end you see a girl who is utt

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