Veruca James And The Room Of Pure Imagination!

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Astral Dust
John Strong
Marco Banderas 56
Tommy Pistol 47
Toni Ribas 48
Veruca James 38
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Veruca is a spoiled BRAT with major Daddy issues. She wants everything handed to her - her dinner at the television, her stepmothers diamond necklace, and most importantly one of Willy Wonkas five golden tickets. But just because shes spoiled doesnt mean she doesnt know how to get what she wants! By a twist of fate, Veruca catches her conniving stepmom, Princess Donna, having an affair. The smart little brat records the entire interaction, including Donna assuring her lover that as soon as she gets all of her husbands money she will leave him. Using the recording as blackmail Veruca tries to put mommy in her place. But Princess Donna isnt easily outsmarted and gets her lover who works at Wonkas factory to procure one of the tickets to shut Veruca up. The plan is successful and soon Veruca is off with her daddy to Wonkas factory adorned in her mommys fur. Watch this Willy Wonka Parody as Veruca gets what she really wants this time! Intense face-fucking, anal, hardcore double penetration, daddys girl stuffed air tight by oompaloompas, and bukkake! All in The Room of Pure Imagination.

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