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Juliette March
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I awoke in a cold dark room. I can scarcely remember the last moments before I was snatched. I cant fathom what my captor wants from me. He plays with my light. Its on for hours and then its off for minutes. I have no concept of time anymore. Begging only seems to insight his violent ways. His grimy hands touching and caressing me. I want to go, but he isnt going to let me. He does all the things that I need to stay alive. He feeds me awful beet mush. He makes sure I evacuate my bowels and bladder. The most violating of all of his torments is the orgasm he gave me. With his oafish mitts on my slender body I have to admit I enjoyed it. The way he pawed at me and bit my nipples. Ive never felt anything like it.

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