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Abigail Dupree
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Master James has this slave right where he wants her. From the very beginning of the slave dawning her own mouth gag, to putting on the cuffs that would ultimately be her doom in masochistic painful bliss. This simple device has got to be one of the most binding she has ever been placed in, with just a couple of bars that her extremities are shackled to. The thick steel collar securely attached to the bars is what ties this device together in body pain she struggles to keep from giving up, pleading with Master to set her free. But No, this slave accepts the challenge and pulls though to satisfy her owner once again. Some S M restraints are more restrictive than others, a painful struggle to sooth that cramp while the handler is having his or her way with you. Some bondage devices are meant to be so binding and exhausting to be in that it only takes moments in these more severe restraints and your done. While in this kind of extreme predicament, it is best to be distracted with more pain or more pleasure either from the captive or administered by the captor.

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