Human Storage Gibbet Srd08042019

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Abigail Dupree
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System Reporting Document SRD08042019 Human Subject SLRN 525-871-465 is retrieved from storage for further testing and predetermined usage. Applied electrical current from field phone generator to genitalia for revival and warming of the innards, nipple sipped for pliability and finally removed from steel gibbet at 18:20 hours. Notes, Master James pronounces subject has been successfully removed from storage center for transport to training yard for further obedience and pain training. Video record file SRD08042019 adupree276 19:02 minutes Education means limitations - control - DEBRIS-x Objective, The training gradually opens the slave to a mental-emotional reorientation of ones self within the framework defined by the training Master. As a rule, any training will quickly reveal the personal limits of the slave, dissolve mental blockages, and in some cases painfully question the certainties that are taken for granted. Training always means to work out the slaves in the sense of personal predisposition existing, but mostly hidden investments with regard to the role model defined by both sides and to integrate into the desired D S constellation. The training itself orients itsel

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